Stair Carpet Repair

Fixing Carpet on Stairs

Sometimes people call us because the carpeting on their stairs is soiled or worn out. One solution is to use carpet from another room to re-carpet the entire stairway.

When we use carpet from another room to re-carpet the stairs, it matches the hallway carpet, living room carpet and other carpeted areas that are adjacent to the stairs.

When we use this method, the only carpet that needs replacing is the one room we took carpet out of instead of a whole house.

It’s really amazing how much better an entire home looks when the stair carpet has been replaced

This is a very short video that demonstrates how we stretch the carpet on stairs. It’s a technique that Alan Hernandez developed. Thank you Alan!

Bad Kitty! In the video below I demonstrate one way that we repair the corner of a stair that the cat damaged.

Normally we stretch carpet into place and the fact that used carpet won’t easily stretch makes it far more difficult. If you have a stairway that needs to be re-carpeted or re-stretched I can help you with it.