Check Out Our Incredibly Amazing, Blow Your Mind Guarantee

 We offer a 100% Unlimited, Unconditional, Lifetime Labor Guarantee on all residential carpet repair work performed by our company. If, at any time, you have a problem with your carpet due to the quality of our labor, we will fix it for free.

Here’s the thing…we can’t promise that you’ll be completely happy with the outcome of the repair we do, BUT, we always do the best carpet repair that’s possible with whatever carpet problem you’re having.

Sometimes we do our best and a customer is not happy with the work and it’s normally due to an expectation that we didn’t meet even though we go out of our way to explain what the end result will look like.

We take 100% responsibility for the quality of the workmanship of our carpet repair experts, however, we can’t be responsible for unfulfilled expectations.

Bottom line….we’ll do the job right, but this doesn’t mean that your carpet will look like new or look like nothing ever happened. Often times, it’s just not possible. In most cases, however, it looks a whole lot better when we’re finished!

Carpet Patching Situations

For example, customers often want us to patch their carpet with a scrap that’s left over from the installation. Or, maybe take some donor carpet from a closet to do the patch. When we use an unsoiled piece of carpeting to do a patch in an area that’s soiled or worn, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be visible. Because of this, we can’t promise that you won’t see the patch. This guarantee means we back up the quality of the repair for the life of the carpet. This means that the patch won’t lift up over time.

If we repair a carpet for you and you ever have a problem with it, we’ll fix it again. If we can’t fix it, we’ll refund the amount you paid us.

This guarantee does not mean that your carpet won’t wear out. Many times we will repair a carpet that is already close to being worn out. To be very clear, the material will wear out before our labor fails.

Carpet Stretching Situations

Often times we get called to stretch only one part of a room. While we are willing to stretch just part of a room, that’s not the way to assure that you won’t have carpet ripples in the future. It’s not unlikely that a different part of the room will ripple up in time.

If you ask us to stretch just part of a room, it will be less expensive than stretching the whole room but we can’t guarantee that the entire carpet will be tight and unwrinkled in the future. It’s our suggestion that you have us stretch the entire room. If we do, you will never have another problem with it.

If you have a problem with your carpet due to anything other than the quality of our labor, we will not cover it under the terms of this guarantee.

Commercial carpet repairs are guaranteed for up to one year and only when we put it in writing on your contract.

“Both you and your carpet will wear out before you have a problem with my repair.You have my word on it.”

Steve Gordon, Creative Carpet Repair