My #1 Carpet Patching Question For You…

“Do you have the extra carpet available?”

Carpet Patching – Where Does the Carpet Come From?

At Creative Carpet Repair, we are experts for all your carpet patching needs and concerns. When you call us, one of our friendly staff will talk with you to determine the patch size, its location, and also if any padding will be needed to perform the repair. Something else that is really important for us determine, is whether you have any extra carpet from the original installation.


The ideal situation would be to have the patch material come from the original carpet used in the install. Things like the patterns, the feel and the carpets pattern are just one of several reasons the patching repair will look much better, when it comes from the original carpet used in the install work. How noticeable a patch repair job will be depends on many things, and the best results will come from having original carpet from the original install work.


Creative Carpet Repair encourages you not to get worried just yet. For example, maybe there is a closet which contains the originally installed carpet, that we can pull from. This is a possible solution which occurs quite frequently. Many times we are able to find a hidden or rarely seen corner in the closet, and pull the carpet we need to do the patch repair. What happens if for some reason, all of the carpet in the closet were needed to repair the patch? Many customers will chose to provide us with carpet to put back into the closet. Some customers may even choose to have the padding taken out, and then add a transition piece added, followed by painting the floor. This can actually have an appealing result, depending on what type of subfloor there is.


If the damage that needs to be repaired is not bigger than just a few inches wide, there is another option available. One of our skilled technicians could power stretch another room that has the same carpet, and then use the excess carpet from the trimming and tucking to repair the patch damage. This isn’t usually the cheapest option, as the stretching incurs additional cost, but the results can be very effective. Other options include: pulling carpet from under the bed, under a night stand and under the stairs.


A final possible option, should the previous choices not be available or successful, is that the customer can provide us with a similar looking piece of carpet. It will be virtually impossible to match the color of the original carpet, since it didn’t come from the original roll used in the install work. However, many times customers would opt for having us put something down vs staring at the patch damage. Customers can usually find a satisfactory option at a local carpet store such as Lowes, Home Depot, or another carpet store. Unfortunately, Creative Carpet Repair is unable to provide the carpet needed for patching, but we can give you the best possible visual outcome possible, once the repair is completed. While we cannot guarantee a perfect outcome, we will get as close as possible!

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