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Our Carpet Repair Services

A rundown of our carpet repair services

Our experienced team of repair experts are fully capable of handling all sorts of carpet problems. What follows is a rundown of some of our most common repair jobs.

  • Carpet patching – This requires a spare piece of carpet to replace the damaged area. If you don’t have any extra carpet laying around, we can usually find some in a closet or underneath a stationary piece of furniture. Carpet patches are seamless repairs, but sometimes you can see a difference in color due to wearing or exposure to light. Still, a repair always looks better than a ripped up or stained carpet.
  • Carpet stretching – If your carpet suddenly stars forming ripples or bulges, then it probably wasn’t installed properly or was compromised by some sort of blunt force. We use a variety of highly specialized tools to pull the carpet tight, trim the excess, and reattach it to the flooring. You will be amazed how much better your entire room will look once unsightly bulges are eliminated.
  • Pet damaged carpet – We love our pets, but they sure do seem to hate carpet. We also love pets because they provide us with an unending supply of work. Most pet damage can be repaired, and we often accomplish this by patching the carpet.
  • Carpet burns – Again, this is another issue we usually resolve with a carpet patch. We use precision tools to cut away the old carpet and replace it with an equally sized section of spare carpet. This can save you thousands of dollars when compared to replacement.
  • Carpet seam repair – Carpet seams come loose for a variety of reasons – improper installation, neurotic pets, or even blunt force. We may have to stretch your carpet before replacing a seam, but all of our work is always backed up with our 100% unconditional labor guarantee so you know the repair will last.
  • Berber carpet repair – Berber and other looped carpets are especially prone to snags and runs. We specialize in Berber carpet repair, which is necessary because of the unique nature of these products. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to Berber carpet, so make sure your carpet repair service knows what they’re doing before letting touch a looped carpet.