History of Creative Carpet Repair – Who we are and how we got started.

At Creative Carpet Repair, our goal is to offer you a carpet repair company that eliminates the risk and hassle commonly associated with other in-home carpet repair companies…namely communication between you and your contractor and obviously, the quality of your contractor’s work.

We only hire carpet repair experts we trust in your home!

Trust Stephen Covey

Who would you trust more to come into your home; a stranger off of the internet (Craigslist anyone?) or a carpet repair specialist who is required to meet our unyielding demands?

Communication is Key!

We hope your choice is obvious. We work continually to make sure our contractors communicate professionally and timely with you before, during and after they repair your carpet. We think you’ll love this part!

You’ll hear from your contractor often!

Honestly, most people’s biggest complaint with contractors of all types is the lack of communication. They say they’ll call and they don’t. They schedule an appointment and they don’t show. Jeesh.

We realize you just want to know what’s going on and we do our best to make sure you always know where you and your contractor are in the process of fixing your carpet.

Note: Every once in a while one of our amazing guys has an emergency, his truck breaks down or he just flat out messes up. We forgive him and move on…after all, we all make mistakes sometimes. We’re more interested in being a company that promotes understanding and compassion with you and our contractors. We hope after working with us, you’ll feel that as well.

We’re the hardest working carpet repair service in the US.

  • We can stretch out most carpet wrinkles, repair carpet seams and fix carpet damaged by burns, stains and animals (silly dog!).
  • Every job we do is backed by our 100% Unlimited, Unconditional Lifetime, Labor Guarantee, so you never have to worry about something going wrong after the work is done.
  • Our hard working carpet guys may not win many beauty contests, but you’ll thank them for saving you thousands of dollars by repairing your carpet instead of you having to replace it.

What makes Creative Carpet Repair different than any other carpet repair companies? Ask yourself the following questions…

  • Have you ever tried to arrange a visit from a repair company but they don’t answer the phone or return you calls if you leave them a message?
  • Have you ever been a victim of the ‘bait and switch’ where you’re given an estimate for repair work only to see the price skyrocket after the work has already began?
  • Have you ever been unhappy with the quality of a repairman’s work, but they ignore your phone calls or refuse to make it right?
  • Have you ever opened the door to a repairman that smelled like alcohol or made you worry about your safety or the integrity of your home?

Sadly, most of us have dealt with one or more of these scenarios at least once in our lives. The carpet industry is not immune to disreputable repair service companies, and there’s probably a number of them in your town. Some repairman are not capable of fixing certain carpet issues even if they have the best intentions.

How can you be sure you’re hiring a carpet guy who is honest, reliable, trustworthy, knows how to do the job right and will back up his work for the lifetime of the carpet?

The answer is to hire Creative Carpet Repair. We provide all of our customers (that means you) with the high quality workmanship and unrivaled customer care.

Our goals: Do a great job for you so you’ll come back again and again and refer us to your family and friends. When this happens, we’ know we’ve done good!

This is the story of how the founder, Steve Gordon brought his work ethic to the entire nation…

Steve Gordon…from humble carpet guy to trusted national carpet repair company.

“I got my start working as a helper for a carpet installer when I was 16 years old. The carpet guys on the crew were all tough, hard-working men who could carry large quantities of carpet on their backs. They could also install carpet fast, and the customer’s house would shake to its foundation when the kicked it in with their knees.”

“I was a lot smaller than the guys on the crew, so I didn’t have the strength to kick in the carpet or haul it around. So, my boss assigned me to smaller stuff, which included fixing mistakes the carpet guys left behind after the carpet was installed.”

“I learned (by a great deal of trial and error) how to fix carpet seams, stretch carpet, and even patch areas where the carpet had been damaged or stained in some way. My repairs on carpet became seamless, and I developed a few of my own tricks along the way. In some ways, I guess you could say I became an artist of sorts because every repair is unique in some way, and requires a thoughtful approach.”

“Over the years, I earned my own muscle, and as an adult I became the go-to guy in my town for repairing carpet. I could (and still can) fix just about anything carpet-related, even flooring that many people would say was completely ruined.”

“As my business matured and I became more successful, my customers would tell me nightmare stories about other carpet repair service companies, and even some outside of my particular industry. They told me about missed appointments, poor workmanship, and about getting ripped off. I even heard stories about repair guys showing up to people’s homes smelling of alcohol or worse. I wondered how any of these guys stayed in business.”

“This was when the idea for what would become Creative Carpet Repair first started taking shape. What if I could take my work ethic and customer care to a national audience. At the time, there wasn’t any kind of national carpet repair service, so the market seemed wide open.”

“I asked myself what customers expected when they hired someone to repair their carpet. They wanted to be treated with honesty, fairly, and with dignity. They wanted a fair price and quality workmanship backed up by a guarantee that proved you were confident with your work.”

“This was the way I always did business, so I set out to hand-select carpet guys all over the country who also valued these qualities. I developed a team of independent contractors who pride themselves on their work, and who are willing to maintain our strict code of ethics. We give them a lot of work, so they are highly motivated to do right by us. This is good business.”

“One of the most common questions I hear is, ‘Why should I trust you instead of my local carpet guy? You don’t even live in my town.’ I answer by asking, who do you trust more; some random carpet guy on the internet, or a carpet guy with at least a decade of experience who has been thoroughly vetted and is required to follow a strict set of guidelines?”

“I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished with Creative Carpet Repair. Give us a call for a free estimate, take advantage of our 100% unconditional labor guarantee, and ensure that the carpet guy you invite into your home is someone you can implicitly trust.”

We do things differently than other carpet repair service companies. In other words, we do things the right way

When Steve brought his business philosophy to a national audience, the goal was to eliminate the hassles commonly associated with repairing carpet, while ensuring every customer got what they were paying for. Here is how our revolutionary process works.

First, you contact our office during business hours. You will be greeted by a live person who is ready to assist you. If you call during non-business hours, simply leave a message and it will be returned. Explain your carpet problem in detail, and our phone representative will provide you with an in-range estimate. This estimate will be accurate, so you will know definitively what the high-end cost of your repair may be. And it costs you nothing to find out.

If this estimate is palatable, we will dispatch a repair person to contact you. Your carpet guy will give you a call to arrange an in-home visit. We follow up with every repair person to ensure that they’ve followed up with you, ensuring you never fall between the cracks. The carpet guy that contacts you will have at least 10 year of experience, and be licensed, bonded, insured, and vetted.

When our carpet guy arrives, they will inspect the damage and give you a firm estimate that falls within the range you were quoted over the phone. You never have to worry about a bait and switch with your free estimate. If you agree to the estimate we only ask that you let our repair guy do the work on your carpet then and there. If you do not approve of the estimate, our repair guy will leave without any complaining or pressure. You are always in control.

The repairs on your carpet are covered by our 100% unconditional labor guarantee – forever. If you ever have a problem with the repair, simply give us a call and we will come back out to your home free of charge.

Contact us today and work with a carpet repair service you can trust

Call today for a free estimate and find out why we are the premier carpet repair company in the nation. No other company even attempts to do what we’ve been doing for well over a decade. If you value honesty, hard work, integrity, and your own hard earned money, then please give us a call.

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