Creative Carpet Repair’s Grand Promise

At Creative Carpet Repair, we have a list of promises that we strive to keep with you.

These six promises are what we strive for as a company.

Our Grand Promises to You

  • Creative Carpet Repair aspires towards the highest possible standards of workmanship, customer services and contractor relationships.

  • We’re committed to having people be astounded by the depth and quality of service we provide.

  • We guarantee all our work with a one hundred percent, unlimited, unconditional, lifetime labor guarantee.

  • We strive to be the type of people that we most admire and call others forward to be the same.

  • In the event that we are unable to keep any of our agreements we communicate quickly and clearly.

  • Our rock-solid foundation rests upon the integrity of our promises because keeping our word is what powers our ability to be strong in spite of any outside influences.

Steve Gordon - Creative Carpet Repair
 You have my word of honor. We stand behind our work by giving you our
100% Unlimited, Unconditional, Lifetime Labor Guarantee. That means we back it up forever.
Steve Gordon, Creative Carpet Repair
the largest carpet repair company in America.