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There are 3 big reasons to have Creative Carpet Irvine do the carpet cleaning in your home!

Your Health – The carpet in your home behaves like a big air filter? Your carpet can trap and contain airborne particles in your home making it cleaner. But like any other type of filter, they can only hold a certain amount before they will begin to be less effective and stop working. And every time you walk across that carpet, you release some of the trapped dirt and particles back into the air! You need to vacuum regular and have your carpets ideally cleaned every 6 months!

Your $$$ – You wouldn’t take sand paper and rub it on your carpet, would you? Of course not! But normal traffic gets dirt and debris rubbed into your carpet creating a similar effect over time. This can end up causing the fibers to fray and wear out in a premature fashion! It is very important to protect the investment you have made in your carpet with semiannual cleaning.

Your Happiness and Peace of Mind – Both you and your family see the carpet needs attention. There is no need to put off what you know needs to be done. Pick up the phone and call the experts at Creative Carpet Repair Irvine, to get the clean carpet and peace of mind that you and your family deserve! Call now!



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5★★★★★“Creative Carpet Repair Irvine is the best!  I need carpet that was very dirty in my living and dining room cleaned thoroughly before I had my family come stay!  You guys even came on the weekend, and did  a phenomenal job getting it looking like new! My family that visited thought I had brand new carpet installed! Great job guys!” 

Michelle Melkus in Irvine, CA