Carpet to Floor Transitions and Carpet to Tile Transitions

Scroll down for several carpet-to-tile videos and before and after pictures

A carpet to floor transition is any place where your carpet and other flooring meet. Without a smooth transition, you can have a trip hazard or worse, it just looks plain ugly…and who wants that?!

When you call us to put in a new transition, we show up at your home or office with everything we need to do any type of transition, including carpet-to-tile transition, carpet-to-linoleum transition, carpet-to-wood floor transition or any other type of carpet-to-floor transition.

We will do it right the first time and back it up with our 100% Unlimited, Unconditional Lifetime Labor Guarantee.

The short carpet-to-tile video tutorials below will give you a good idea of how to do it yourself if you’d like to give it a try…or just call us now and we’ll come do it for you. It’s what we do!

VIDEO NOTE: There’s a little background noise because it was taken on-site at a customer’s home.

Part One of a carpet-to-tile transition tutorial.

Part Two of a carpet to tile transition