Pet Damage Carpet Repair Irvine

As you already are aware, if you have pets, they are in important part of the family dynamic! However, this family member can do some serious damage at times to your carpet. It might be chew or soil damage that happens to your carpets, and the result is most often ugly and smelly carpet. And while most people mean well, any self attempts at fixing this damage usually makes it worse, and you will end up with an ugly discolored mess. With Creative Carpet Repair Irvine, you have nothing to worry about, as we have years of experience dealing with these types of repairs!

When pet damage happens, don’t waste large amount of your hard earned money replacing, when our pet damage carpet repair solutions can solve your problem. Our technicians are highly skilled in evaluating and making the necessary repairs to your pet damaged carpet


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5★★★★★“Thanks to everyone at Creative Carpet Repair for fixing the carpet in my dining room chewed up by my little yorkie puppies!  They made my pet damaged carpet look new again.  I can’t believe I waited so long to have the carpet fixed but I am so happy to have used Creative Carpet Repair!  It all looks great!”

Enzo Puppeshia in Irvine, CA