Carpet Patching Irvine

More often than not, damage to your carpet in minimal in nature. So, why not opt for a reasonably priced patch instead of high priced replacement? Creative Carpet Repair Long Beach can affordably patch any damage to your carpet. We have the expertise, tools and materials to fix any type of damage that may occur to your carpet!

We will precisely cut out the damaged area and replace it with a properly inserted replacement piece. We most often use spare carpet you have, or we find an inconspicuous spot to pull it from. We use powerful resins to ensure the newly fitted piece will look like new and stay in permanently.

Rarely is anyone capable of noticing the repair when our technicians are finished. This high level of service will result in significant saving for you. We offer these carpet patching services to both commercial and residential customers


See What Our Clients Say


5★★★★★“I am generally not much of a review writer, but I wanted everyone to know….Creative Carpet Repair are nothing short of some amazing professionals!.

Right off the bat, Creative Carpet Repair was very easy to communicate with! From the initial call and estimate/appointment scheduling, to the finished product, I was very impressed with how I was treated!

They showed up when they said they would, and came fully prepared to the work i needed!. My technician even wore protective coverings on his boots to avoid damaging or dirtying my carpet, which we try to keep very clean!

The technician replaced carpet on 4 of our stairs that had not only become unsightly, but a possible trip hazard. With the extra carpet we had, not only did he do the repairs, you could barely tell there was ever a problem!

The technician was both friendly and extremely helpful. He took the time to give us some pointers, in case we had any future issues!

What a truly Professional and quality organization! I would definitely call them again, should the need ever arise! Thank you Creative Carpet Repair!

Thomas Forester in Irvine, CA