Bleach Stain Repair Irvine

Bleach Spots – Bleaching agents, medications and pet urine can disrupt the chemical composition of the fibers in your carpet permanently thereby removing the colors of your carpets. This creates glaring, unpleasant patches that cannot be removed by carpet cleaning.

The pros at Creative Carpet Repair Irvine offer specialized service that will rectify and correct the problem areas in your carpet. We will assess and either patch or color correct to successfully restore the carpets original beauty. Over the years, we have worked with lots of home owners and business owners and have also saved them thousands in carpet replacement costs through the restoration of the original color of their carpets, or by patching the affected areas!


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Great Experience!

I found Creative Carpet Repair Irvine after a quick google search. After my first experience with them, it is safe to say I will be using them again in the future. It was easy to make an appointment to have my office carpet repaired! The guy who came was quick, professional, and friendly. They also charged me a fair price. I recommend them to others!

Dr. M. Buble Irvine, CA