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Sometimes people call us because the carpet on their stairs is soiled or worn out. One solution for them
is to use carpet from another room to re-carpet the entire stairway.

When we use carpet from another room to re-carpet the stairs, it matches the hallway carpet, living room carpet and other carpeted areas that are adjacent to the stairs.

When we use this method the only carpet that needs replacing is the one room we took carpet out of instead of a whole house.

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  Scroll down to see before and after pictures and a video of how we repair stair carpet.

It's really amazing how much better an entire home looks when the stair carpet has been replaced


 This is a very short video that demonstrates how we stretch the carpet on stairs. It's a technique that Alan Hernandez developed. Thank you Alan!


When we install new carpet on stairs it's a challenging prospect. When we install used carpet on a stairway it's far more challenging. The reason is because the used carpet has already been stretched and is stiff.


Carpet Repair Truck

100% Unlimited Lifetime Labor Guarantee. 

Bad Kitty! In the video below I demonstrate one way that we repair the corner of a stair that the cat damaged.


Normally we stretch carpet into place and the fact that used carpet won't easily stretch makes it far more difficult. If you have a stairway that needs to be re-carpeted or re-stretched I can help you with it.

Stair Carpet  

I've already removed the carpet that needs to be replaced. The problem we are here to solve is that the stairway carpet is worn out but the rest of the carpet looks fine. Also, the customer had wood installed on each side of the stair way to give it an upgrade.

The customer had us remove the carpet from one small bedroom to redo the stairs with. This way the only carpet he needed to buy was for the one small bedroom.

Stairs Carpet  

After removing the old carpet and installing new tack strip, we proceed to install new padding.

Often times carpet on a stairway will outlast the carpet pad. The edged of the wood will bite into the carpet backing and destroy it.

Stairs Carpet  
I use my electric stapler to tack down the new carpet pad.
Stairs Carpet  
We have to be very careful to not scratch the customers nice new wood floor!
Stairs Carpet  
I'm such a ham!
Stairs Carpet  
The carpet padding is installed and so is the used carpet that we stole from the small bedroom.
Stairs Carpet  

This stairway was a real pain because the carpet was stiff and needed to be tucked under the lip of the stair. We probably used over 1000 staples to make it look right. All we need to do now is clean up the mess and move on to the next one.

Replacing stair carpet with used carpet from another room saves hundreds, if not thousand of dollars.

upstairs stair before  
Usually its the bottom stair or two that needs to be replaced first but in this case it was the top stair. I cut the old, dirty piece out and now I'll seam in the new piece of carpet that came from a closet. This was an unusual carpet repair.
upstairs stair after  

The stairway carpet looks good as new again.

If you need a creative solution to your carpet problems on your stairs, give us a call. We can handle it.


glue carpet  

This was a unique situation. The customer installed a new floor were there used to be carpet. When the old carpet was removed from the floor it left an obvious gap on the bottom stair.

It would be quite difficult to use carpet seam tape in this location so I ...

Glue Carpet  
decided that the best approach would be to glue a new strip of carpet into place using a syringe.
glue carpet  

It doesn't look exactly perfect but then again it doesn't draw your eye over to it either.

This carpet repair saved the customer a lot of money and as well as the trouble to replace the entire stairway of carpet. One problem would have been that the stair carpet matches the carpet in the rest of the house. In order to get a perfect match the customer would have need to replace the carpet throughout the entire home.

Carpet repair Stair  
This carpet patch in is in the corner of a stair. It was extremely challenging because there was not any extra carpet anywhere. Not in a closet, no leftover pieces.
Carpet repair Stair  

Here's a close-up of what I had to start with. This carpet patch is a result of carpet shrinkage due to cleaning.

The first thing I did was to inform the customer to adjust his expectations to not expect too much. Because of this, he was satisfied at the completion of the job.

Carpet repair Stair  
I didn't have a piece of carpet to start with so I cut some off of the edge of the living room. Then I stretched the living room carpet back into place. You can't see where I took the carpet from but since I had to install this carpet patch in several pieces, it is a little bit noticeable. It did however solve the problem.
stretch carpet Stair  

This stairway carpet was far more wrinkled than you can see in this picture. The customer had a lifetime guarantee from a local carpet store. The carpet store sent their installers out to fix it once and then gave the customer the runaround after that.

When she saw my truck next door she invited me in to have a look at it to see if I could make it better for her.


We use a special technique to stretch carpet on stairs. What takes carpet installers hours to do with bad results, we can do in minutes and get it right the first time.

I always back up my work with an unlimited lifetime labor guarantee. No runaround here!

repair stair carpet  
We were called out to this job to replace the same carpet back onto the stairway where it was before. In this case we started by installed carpet tack strip, then we put in the carpet padding.
repair stair carpet  
Here you can see all three stages of completion. The tack strip is at the top of the stairs, the carpet pad is halfway down and the installed carpet is at the bottom.
repair stair carpet  
When you need someone to fix your stair carpet, we are the ones to call. It will be done right the first time and backed up with our 100% unlimited lifetime labor guarantee!
repair stair carpet  
Here's a pretty good example of a stair that needs carpet repair.
repair stair carpet  
After the carpet repair the stair looks pretty darn good. If you knew where to look, you'd see the patch but I won't tell if you won't tell!
Carpet To riser Transition Using a Z Bar  
Z Bar transition on Stair_1  
In this example, the customer removed the old carpet off of the stairs and installed some beautiful wood in it's place. The task at hand now is to finish the carpet so that it ends nicely upstairs. We do this with a Z Bar and tack strip.
Z Bar transition on Stair_2  
Here you can see what's going on under there. the subfloor is plywood.
Z Bar transition on Stair_3  
The first thing I do is to fold the carpet back so that I can install the Z Bar and tack strip. Then I'll cut the carpt to the proper length and fold it over the Z Bar. I'll finish it by clamping the Z Bar down over the carpet and throwing in a few staples.
Z Bar transition on Stair_4  
Looks good from my house!!
Z Bar transition on Stair_6  
If you need a carpet to tile transition that needs to fold over the riser of a stair, don't try it yourself. It's far more difficult than it looks. There is a video of the process on this page if you want a closer look.

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