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The video below is a no-frills look at how we use the Patch Master and the Cookie Cutter to perform small patches. We are on the job here so my phone is ringing, you can hear Alan, my customer and myself talking in the background.

The carpet was faded and the carpet I used to do the patch was un faded so you can see were the carpet patches are. Even still, it's far better than the ugly stains that the dog left behind

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Even the smallest carpet problem can bring down the look of a beautiful room. I get calls every day to fix small things. Do you need a ripple stretched out of your carpet? Is there a run in your Berber carpet? Does your carpet need a small patch? Does the transition between your carpet and floor need some tender loving care?

Patch at Door Before  

When we arrived at this carpet repair job, the landlord showed us the damage done by a cat. The carpet was torn away from the backing on one side of the door and a piece was missing on the other side of the door.

Patch in Door 2  
The first thing we did after promising her that she wouldn't have to replace her carpet was to re-laminate the carpet. We used the carpet glue gun to laminate the top of the carpet to it's backing.
Patch in door 3  

The next step of the process was to cut a small piece of carpet out of the closet and then cut it to size.

When we were sure that the carpet patch was perfectly fitted we glued it into place.

Patch in door 4  
We're nearly finished here and ready to go to the next carpet repair job.
Patch in door after  
The carpet looks 99% better! The customer was happy as can be that she didn't have to replace the carpet.
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patch carpet  

We were called to this carpet repair in Westlake Village because the customer's daughter spilled some sort of acid on the carpet.

carpet patch  
We decided to use the Patch Master tool to repair the carpet. First we cut a perfect circle in the carpet using the special tool, then we used carpet seam tape and a carpet glue gun to seam it back together.
Patch carpet  
This condo was being used as an office. It's pretty crowded in there but we did make enough room to patch the carpet.
patch carpet  
In the picture to the left, you can see Alan Hernandez holding up the carpet that we used to make the carpet patch with. The special tool we use for this carpet patch is called a Patch Master. Can you see the patched carpet next to the Patch Master?

I made this video to intentionally show you that the difference in color does make a difference in the quality of the carpet patch.

The patch I did below looks aweful but don't blame me! The customer wanted me to use that carpet that he provided.

If the carpet to be patched is old, worn, faded or discolored for any reason, then the patch will be visible. In this case, the customer was aware of the fact that the carpet patches would be visible. The content demonstrates a few basics on how to use a Patch Master and a Cookie Cutter to patch a carpet.


I'm Steve Gordon,
Call Me Now For Carpet Repair!
(800) 656-9862