How to have your carpet last as long as possible



Keys to keeping your floors looking their best.

  • Keep them clean. Dirt and sand are like small pieces of glass and will cut right through the finish. Clean up spills quickly.
  • Sweep and or vacuum often.
  • Pet urine soaks in and turns floors brown. Clean it up as quickly as possible.
  • Use mats inside and outside all exterior doors, in the kitchen and in the bathrooms.
  • Use only recommended cleaning products. I personally use and recommend Bona Kemi products. Just be sure whatever you use is designed for wood floors.
  • Don’t use wax as it leaves a build-up over time and is hard to maintain. Also, when floors are waxed it makes it very difficult to re-coat them later.
  • Don’t use any product that leaves a residue, including dish soap.
  • Avoid scratches and use felt pads under furniture especially chairs. Keep your dogs nails trimmed, or better yet, keep dogs off the wood floors.
  • Screen and re-coat your wood floors as needed. If the finish looks a little dingy it can be re-coated without having to do the full sanding process.