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Do you have a little extra carpet? If so we can patch it in wherever you want it. What if you don't have any extra carpet? Then we can steal it from a closet or from under a piece of furniture.

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Sometimes people will remove a wall between two rooms and we will patch the area where the wall used to be. Often times we will patch carpet because of pet damage or pet urine on carpet.

If you have a stain on your carpet that won't come out a carpet patch may be just what you need. Cigarette burn on your carpet? Hookah burn on your carpet? Iron burns? Fireplace spit out a spark on your carpet? Patch it! We patch carpet! If you need a patch in a Berber carpet we do that too!


Sometimes people call us to patch a carpet because they've removed a wall. In this case it was a wet-bar that was removed.


The first thing we do is to remove the tack strip from the concrete. You can see Alan removing the tack strip using a hammer and a pry-bar. It's not all that easy to remove tack strip from concrete.

After the tack strip is removed we cut the carpet square and piece in the new carpet padding.

The carpet padding needs to be the same thickness and density as the rest of the carpet pad in the room or else the customer will feel the difference.
After all the carpet is cut perfectly straight with the straight edge that you can see at the bottom of this picture we patch the new carpet in. This carpet patch is very close to a stair so it's a little more challenging.

The carpet is patched and vacuumed. If you didn't know it was there you would never see it. This carpet patch took us about an hour to perform.


Patch Master  
This carpet stain looks like it isn't a stain at all. It's a bleached area on the carpet. It's probably a result of someone using a cleaning product to try to clean a stain off the carpet. Instead of cleaning the stain, the product bleached the carpet. There's nothing that can be done now except to patch the carpet.
Patch Master  
For this patch I want to use the Patch Master. This tool makes patching a carpet look simple and it is. The tool is adjustable from just a few inches up to several feet. If the patch needs to be more than a foot or so across I wouldn't use this tool, I'd rather patch the carpet using other methods.
Patch Master  
Here is a picture of a perfect circle path cut out of the carpet. I will use the same tool set at the same size to cut a perfect replacement.
Patch Master  
The new patch is in place. You can see one of the problems with patching a carpet. The patched carpet is perfect but the carpet I replaced it with came from a scrap leftover from the original carpet installation. The scrap was kept in the dark so it didn't fade like the rest of the carpet. Hopefully in time the patch will fade out a bit to match the color of the rest of the carpet. Either way it still looks far better than the bleach stain in the carpet.
Cat Pet Damage Carpet  


This cat was all over us when we were fixing the carpet that she ruined. She wouldn't leave us alone. Cat's damage a lot of carpet, especially when they get locked into a room and try to scratch and dig their way out. Luckily the customer had some extra carpet and were were able to patch it in.

Cat Pet Damage Carpet  

This time we decided to patch all the way across the doorway because of the stains in the carpet. You can see that the color doesn't match just perfectly but the carpet patch did solve the problem.


This carpet patch was all her pleasure.

Heater carpet patch  

In the summertime I occasionally bring my daughter to work with me. This carpet needed a patch job on both sides of this wall due to having a floor heater vent removed.


One guess who took the picture.

Heater carpet patch  

After cutting the carpet straight I removed the tack strip from where it didn't need to be and installed the tack strip where it did need to be.

Then I added new padding and a patch of carpet.

In this picture you can see the carpet seam iron, the carpet tractor and the napping shears.


Often times we can patch carpet so that you would never know that a carpet patch was even there.


Long patch before  

Removing a wall between two rooms in order to make one larger room leaves a gap where the wall used to be. These patches are far trickier than they look.

The tack strip needs to be removed from where it used to line up near the wall, then the carpet is cut straight and true.

New carpet padding is installed and then a patch is cut to fit the gap.

Long patch before  

I wish the lighting was a little better in these two carpet repair pictures but you can see that the carpet patch looks beautiful.


This carpet patch was a huge money saving idea for the customer.

Patch carpet  

This is a brand new carpet with a nasty stain on it. It's right in a high traffic area so this carpet patch will have to be installed flawlessly.


Patch carpet  

I used the Patch Master for this patch to assure that the cutting of the carpet patch is done just right.

After the patch is laid into place I use the carpet glue gun to finish the job.

Patch carpet  

With all the traffic in this area the patch will blend in very quickly. When Installing a carpet patch in a high traffic area such as this it's important to use plenty of glue. Especially when we give a 100% lifetime labor guarantee.

patch carpet before  

And people wonder why landlords don't want to rent to people with dogs!

I took off the door, replaced the carpet pad and installed a carpet patch. Before I patched the carpet the customer was thinking that he had to replace the entire room full of carpet.

carpet patch after  
This carpet patch in saved the customer several hundred dollars.
Paint spill carpet patch  

Paint in the carpet can sometimes be removed by a good carpet cleaner but this was just too much. The customer was a young bride who wanted to surprise her husband by painting the kitchen all by herself.

She answered the front door in tears, poor thing.


Paint spill carpet patch  

She called me to see what I could do. I patched the carpet so perfectly that you can't even see it at all.

I don't know if she ever did tell her husband.


This carpet repair was my pleasure.

carpet patch  
This carpet damage is worse than you can see from this picture. The carpet had delaminated. That means that the top of the carpet had separated for the backing of the carpet. Rather than fixing the damaged carpet I decided to put in a nice new carpet patch.
carpet patch  
You can see the difference in color due to the soiled condition of the carpet but after the carpet is cleaned it will look much better.

This carpet seam repair and patch was in the entrance to a bedroom

Patch carpet  


What have you done?

Small carpet patches like this aren't a big deal for me to fix but if this carpet was left unfixed it would be a huge problem for the customer.

Patch carpet  
Can you see the carpet patch? If you look close enough you can just barely make it out.


This carpet patch was for a landlord.

Patch Before  

I received a call from a man in Agoura Hills, CA. He had a bad stain due to leaving a large potted plant on the carpet without protection.

He did have some extra carpet left over from the carpet installation.

Patch after  
Here's the after picture. I patched the carpet using a special tool made especially for patching carpet.
Carpet patches such as this are invisible and cost effective.
carpet repair  

Carpet repair in front of a trundle bed

Carpet pet stains are not only ugly but they may have a bad smell too. When we repaired this carpet we started by removing the pet stained carpet and soiled carpet padding. After the carpet and pad were removed, we cleaned the concrete floor with a special enzymatic type cleaner.

carpet repair  
Then the carpet padding was replaced, we patched in a new piece of carpet pad and patched in a new patch of carpet.
carpet repair  

This carpet was stained bad enough that a normal carpet cleaning couldn't remove the stain. We installed the carpet patch with a scrap of carpet left over from the carpet installation.

carpet repair  
The carpet around the patch is faded so you can see the patch, however, it looks far better than it did and it will blend in better with time.
carpet repair  

Patterned carpet patch.

The cleaning people dripped some bleach on this carpet. When a carpet has a pattern it becomes more challenging to match it just right with a carpet patch. We need to take out time and have patience. It'll be worth it when the carpet patch looks perfect.

carept repair  
The patch in this carpet is perfect. You can't see it at all. You can see Alan's shadow as he takes the picture..
carpet patch  
Here you can see that some bleach was dripped on the carpet. Carpet cleaning won't do anything to resolve a bleach stain so we did some small carpet patches.
carpet patch  
Can you find the carpet patches? I can't and I know where they are. If you have the right situation, you may be able to have your bleached carpet patched to look as good as new.

Carpet patching can be an art as well as a science.   At Creative Carpet Repair it’s the most common carpet repair that customers call us to do.
The number one reason people call us to patch their carpet is because their dog or cat got locked into a room and tried to dig their way out. (Bad Kitty! What have you done?)
People also call us to patch their carpet because of, carpet stains, carpet tears, carpet burns (not the good kind), and remodeling as well as worn traffic paths. 
To patch a carpet we replace the damaged area with a new piece of carpet. When a skilled person patches a carpet it’s normally but not always completely invisible.

If you’ve had your carpet patched and it doesn’t look as good as you were hoping it would look, it may be because:

•  The new carpet is has a slightly different color than the original carpet due to fading.
•  Your new carpet patch has a different wear pattern than the rest of the carpet.
•  There’s a gap between the seams of the carpet patch.
•  There may be an overlap at the seams of the carpet patch.
•  Some of the carpet nap may have been cut off.
•  Some of the carpet nap may have been glued down into the seam.
•  The new carpet patch is running the wrong direction. (doh!)

Understanding the layers of a carpet:

The top layer is called the carpet nap or the carpet pile. Carpet pile needs to be considered when doing any kind of carpet repair. The shorter the nap, the more likely it is that you will see the seams.
The next layer below the carpet nap is the backing. Most carpet comes with two layers of backing.
The nap and layers of backing are normally all held together with a very strong adhesive.
Under the carpet backing is your carpet pad.
Some carpet repairs can localized to just the top layer. Sometimes in the case of a minor carpet burn we will just remove the top layer of carpet while leaving the backing in place.

Finding a proper piece of carpet to do the patch with:

  • Most of the time there are some scraps left over from the original installation. These leftover scraps are the best place to start looking for a suitable patch. Always save the scraps when you have new carpet installed.
  • The next best place to find a suitable piece of carpet to do your carpet patch is in a closet. Often we will remove a piece of carpet from a closet to do the patch with and replace the closet carpet with something that the customer found at a carpet store.

Sometimes we don’t put anything back into the closet and just leave a bare spot. It’s not pretty but at least it’s in the closet where nobody will see it. (and it will probably be covered with shoe boxes anyhow.)

  • Very often the customer thinks that they can find an exact match at the carpet store. The chances of finding a match are not good. Even if you do find something that is supposed to be the same exact carpet, it’s likely that the dye lot will have changed ever so slightly.
  • If the stairway or hallway carpet has worn out but all the other carpet in the house still looks good, you may want to pull the carpet out of one bedroom to use to replace the worn out areas.

By using this strategy you can save a lot of money because now you only need to buy new carpet for one room.  The carpet in the hallway or the carpet on the stairs will still match the carpet in the living room.

How to patch carpet: An oversimplified step – by - step tutorial…


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