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Avoid trip-hazard liabilities while saving your commercial carpet by having us repair it for you. When we're finished with your commercial carpet repair, you can be assured that people with wheelchairs, walking canes, high heals and more can use your carpet safely.

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Commercial carpet repair is challenging because it has very short nap if the repairs are not just perfect, you will be able to see them. Also, due to the high traffic that commercial carpet is exposed to, the commercial carpet patch needs to be incredibly durable.

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100% Unlimited Lifetime Labor Guarantee.


Commercial Carpet Repair  

Here's a small patch on a high traffic commercial carpet.

Commercial Carpet Repair  

This particular job had dozens of problems with their commercial carpet. It's all fixed now!


This was in a large office building on State Street in the city of Santa Barbara, CA

Commercial Carpet Repair   In this picture you can see that this commercial carpet in Camarillo, CA needs a patch. The customer didn't have any extra carpet so we stole it from under a filing cabinet.
Commercial Carpet Repair  
If you look closely, you can see the patch towards the back of the picture. This was a glue down patch which means that there is no padding or tack strip under the carpet.
Commercial carpet repair  
The carpet is unraveling along the edge of this commercial carpet.
Commercial carpet repair  
It's completely invisible now.
Commercial carpet repair  
Seam repair on a commercial carpet takes more glue than in a residential situation. Imagine the stresses these seams go through.
Commercial carpet repair  
This seam will last for as long as the carpet now.
Commercial carpet repair  
Here's another seam that needed help in a commercial carpet.
Commercial carpet repair  
I enjoyed this job because there was a birthday party and a lot of banter in the office building. After the job was finished they offered me pizza. Yum!