Carpet Repair Videos I made that I think
you might find useful.

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Here's some carpet repair videos I didn't make that I think you might find useful.

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Carpet to Tile, Carpet to Wood Floor, Carpet to Stair and other Transition Videos

In the following videos I teach how to do many different types of carpet transitions.

These first few demonstrated how I use the Pam Glue Gun to attach the tack strip to a concrete floor so that I don't need to use concrete nails or screws.

This carpet to tile transition video is in two parts. Here's part one. 
Here's part two.
Using Carpet Shims to create a carpet to tile transition on a concrete floor
Here's a carpet to tile transition on a concrete floor using concrete tack strip. I use CX947 Tack Strip Adheisive to make my job easier. Then I nail it into the concrete. I could have taken the time to drill holes into the concrete and then screw the tack strip in but decided on this method because of the mess associated with drilling concrete. The customer just had his carpet cleaned.

This video teaches how to use a Z Bar to attach carpet to the top riser of a staircase.

I really do wish that I had tilted the camera upwards just a bit... Most of this video has my head cut off. Oh well, the real action is in my hands.


Do you need to patch your carpet? The following videos demonstrate some different ways to do it.

This first tutorial teaches you how to use a cookie cutter tool to patch small problem areas.

Here you can see us using the Patch Master. The patch looks terrible because the carpet was faded and we were only given carpet to use that was not faded. This is what the customer wanted and it was better than the doggie stains.
Berber Carpet Repair is a speciality within a speciality.
If your carpet get flooded, you may need to remove the padding, dry the carpet, replace the padding and then reinstall the carpet. Here is a brief tutorial of how you can do it.
There are many ways to stretch carpet. The following videos demonstrate some of them.
This first video tutorial demonstrates how to stretch a hall by cutting the carpet at a seam, removing the excess carpet, stretching it and then seaming it back together. This is pretty advanced and shouldn't be attempted by a newbie unless you have nothing to lose.
This short tutorial teaches you how we use the Mini Stretcher to stretch some carpet without moving all the furniture. It's a technique that we can sometimes use when appropriate.
Stretching carpet on stairs can be a real hassle unless you do it the way that Alan teaches it. 
Here we introduce the Kneeless Carpet Stretcher.
If you want to get your carpet really tight, you'll probably need to use the Power Stretcher. I wouldn't even think about stretching a room without it.
This person clearly knows what he's doing when it comes to patching a small burn.

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