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Carpet Burns

I'm Steve Gordon,
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This video is how we use a Cookie Cutter tool to fix small burns. 


 Scroll down to see before and after pictures of how we patch carpet.

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100% Unlimited Lifetime Labor Guarantee

If you have a carpet burn and you have some extra carpet that we can use
to do a patch with, we can help!

carpet repair truck

100% Unlimited Lifetime Labor Guarantee.

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carpet patch  

How to remove a burn in a carpet.

What a mess! This carpet burn could have been much worse! When a carpet is damaged as badly as this, only a carpet patch will make it better.


Times like this make me grateful that nobody was hurt or killed. Scary!

carpet patch  
Luckily the customer has some extra carpet in his garage. We removed the burned carpet and used the new carpet to do the patch with.
carpet patch  

When a carpet patch is done properly the patch should be nearly invisible.


We back up all of our carpet repairs with a 100% unconditional lifetime labor guarantee.

carpet burn
Many people have kids with reptiles in their bedroom. Inside of the reptile cage is often a heat lamp. This is what happens when you leave a heat lamp on the carpet.
carpet burn  
The customer had some extra carpet left over from the installation so we used it to make a beautiful carpet patch.

I'm Steve Gordon,
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Lifetime Labor Guarantee