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Berber carpet repair is our specialty. Actually Berber carpet repair is a specialty within a specialty. Normally performing a carpet repair such as patching Berber carpet, fixing a run in a Berber carpet or stretching a loose Berber carpet takes quite a bit of experience and skill to get it just right. We know exactly how to repair a Berber carpet and it shows.

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Is your Berber carpet running like an old knit sweater?

Berber carpet repair is a lot more complicated because of the way a Berber carpet unfurls.
If the answer is yes, then you need to call us to fix it for you. One thing you need to know about first is that Berber carpet repairs are often somewhat visible. Berber (or any looped carpet) runs in rows. The new seams that run the same direction as the rows often look really great, however, the seams that run perpendicular to the row can be quite noticeable. The Berber carpet seam that runs against the grain may even look a bit like a scar.

We minimize the visibility of a Berber carpet patch

by using a perfectly matched piece of donor carpet. Of course you will need to provide the donor carpet. If you don't have any left over scraps (carpet remnants) left over from the original installation, we can steal some from a closet. This new carpet may be considerably lighter than the existing carpet. If that's the case, you will surely notice the difference in color.


Before you hire just anyone to try (in vain) to fix your Berber carpet ask them how much experience they have with this specialty within a specialty. We specialize in Berber carpet repair. If your Berber carpet ever comes apart where we fixed it, we will not only be surprised but we will also come back and fix it again at absolutely no cost to you. Forever!

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100% Unlimited Lifetime Labor Guarantee.


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Berber Patch

Can you believe a very small dog did this to a beautiful Berber carpet ?

Many people would think that this Berber carpet repair isn't worth it because the carpet is ruined.

The customer had no extra Berber carpet from the original carpet installation but she was willing to have us take some carpet out of the closet.

She didn't mind because this Berber patch is saving her well over a thousand dollars.

What would you rather have, a little Berber carpet missing out of your closet or a thousand dollars?


Berber Patch  

This is the way the Berber carpet patch looked just about an hour after I met the customer.

Alan actually did most of it while I recorded him with the video camera. You can see the Berber Carpet Repair video on this page.

Here's a good tutorial if you want to try to fix your own Berber Carpet.
If you want it to look really great...
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A run in a Berber carpet can really ruin the look of the room. In this article I will share with you a few things that can help you understand your Berber carpet and what to do if you have a problem.

A note about your Berber carpet: It's probably not really a Berber carpet. No, it's probably looped carpet that people call Berber.

So there you are vacuuming your carpet and a loose thread gets caught up in the vacuum roller. Before you know it your carpet is unraveling like an old wool sweater. More

Alan will be demonstrating one method we use to repair Berber Carpet.

This is one of thousands of patches we have done on a Berber carpet. We get a great deal of work due to dogs trying to dig their way out of a closed door. A patch in this Berber carpet will do the trick just right.
Berber patch process  
First we remove a strand of the Berber carpet on both sides of the area we want to patch. This Berber carpet repair technique gives a perfectly straight line and allows us to follow the pattern later on.
Berber Patch Cutting  
Next we cut along the lines that we created. When we patch Berber carpet us usually use this technique. It allows us to avoid cutting any of the loops of carpet. If we did cut a loop we would run the risk of later having a Berber carpet run.
Berber Patch Removed  
Here we've removed the damaged part of the Berber carpet. We won't have to remove carpet pad or the tack strip.
Fitting a Berber patch  
Great care is taken to cut the new Berber carpet patch to the exact size needed. When we cut the Berber carpet patch perfectly the carpet patch will be invisible except for the possibility of the cross seam.
Seaming a berber patch  

We've now cut the carpet patch to fit and are beginning to patch it in using a carpet seam iron. Notice the special tape used. This carpet tape only works with a carpet iron. Don't ever try to patch carpet using the two sided carpet tape you can buy at a hardware store. It won't last.

After Berber Patch  

The Berber carpet patch fits perfectly. When the carpet is cleaned it will be completely invisible.

Alan posing after berber patch  

Great Job Alan!


If you would like us to repair your Berber carpet please give us a call!

Berber Patch before pic  

This is the result of a damaged Berber carpet after a dog tried to dig her way out of a closed door.

Berber carpet and a trapped dog don't mix too well.

Poor dog, but what have you done? This carpet needs a Berber patch asap.

First I removed all the damaged Berber carpet while following the grain of the carpet. Then I replaced it with a new piece of Berber carpet.

Berber repair after pic  

Here you can see the new Berber carpet patch. it fits perfectly and the color will match better when it gets a little bit of use


The customer is fully satisfied.

Big Berber Patch  
An entertainment center was built in to the room and the Wool Berber carpet was installed around it. When the entertainment center was removed it left this gap. The carpet pad needs to be replaced so that it matches the other padding. Then we will need to do a carpet patch job. There was some carpet left over from the carpet installation so that's what we'll use for the carpet patch.
Big Berber PatchBig Berber Patch  
Alan is pulling back the carpet so that you can see the tack strip that needs to be removed before putting in new pad.
Big Berber Patch  

The old carpet pad has been removed and now Alan is prying off the carpet tack strip from the concrete floor.

Big Berber Patch  


This Wool Berber carpet remnant was saved from the original installation. It was stuffed into a corner in the garage and wrapped with plastic. I brought it out into the sunshine to help it relax. The folds you see on the left side can cause us some challenges but warming up the carpet helps us remove the carpet wrinkles.

Big Berber Patch  

The carpet patch has to run the same direction as the rest of the carpet. When we patch Berber carpet it's especially important.

Because we need the carpet to run the right direction the carpet needed to be cut and patched in two pieces as you can see in the picture. Alan is barefoot here because his shoes may have had some oily residue and we didn't want to mess up the nice light Wool Berber carpet.

Big Berber Patch  
Mission accomplished. This Wool Berber patch actually took a couple of hours.
Big Berber Patch  
Alan makes working with a Berber carpet look easy but believe me, it's not. Not until a technician has many years of experience can he perform such a beautiful wool Berber patch.
Burn in Berber Carpet Patch  

How many times do you hear of someone Burning their Berber carpet because they dropped the iron while ironing their curtains?Well it was a first for us.

Burn in Berber Carpet Patch  
As is often the case, Alan needed to steal the Berber carpet from the closet to perform the carpet patch. Here he is beginning to fit the piece of Berber carpet into place. If a patch in a Berber carpet is off by even a very small amount, it's very noticeable. The patch has to be cut perfectly.
Burn in Berber Carpet Patch  
Using his technique, he fits three sides of the Berber carpet patch into place before cutting the last edge. This way he can be sure that the patch will be perfect.
Burn in Berber Carpet Patch  

This patch in a Berber carpet is hardly noticeable at all. The only thing you can see is the difference in color due to wear. In awhile it will get some use and be completely invisible.


Patching Berber carpet is a specialty of ours. When you need carpet repair such as a Berber patch call us. Not only will you be instantly satisfied but you will have peace of mind knowing that our work is backed up with a 100% unlimited lifetime labor guarantee.


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Unlimited lifetime labor guarantee.

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Berber carpet repair takes time to master. As carpet repair specialist's we've developed specific techniques that allow us to be masters at Berber carpet repair. It takes many years of experience to master this trade. Because we've invested over 30 years in the carpet repair business, you can feel comfortable knowing that any carpet repair we do for you will be beautiful.

If you have a burn in a Berber carpet, a stain in a Berber carpet, pet damage in a Berber carpet or if you need your Berber carpet stretched we are the ones to call. Berber carpet repair is a specialty of ours.

Steve Gordon, Owner