How to Remove Pet Urine
Including Dog Urine and Cat Urine

Call me to cut out your old carpet, clean the floor,
replace the pad and patch in new carpet.

A simple step by step guide to removing urine and that lovely odor.

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Nothing's worse than walking into a house that smells like dog urine (except a house that smells like cat urine)

Usually the smell seems to come from the carpet. The truth of the matter is that the urine probably seeped down into the padding and possibly all the way to the sub-floor.

To remove the smell that urine leaves behind you will need to clean the floor, remove and replace the padding and clean the carpet.

Not just any carpet cleaning is going to remove the smell. You should start the process of removing the urine smell by going to the pet store and buy a product that contains enzymes. It comes by the quart and by the gallon. Buy around 10X more than you think you'll need.

Steps to successfully removing the stink of animal urine

Flip over the affected area of carpet.

Cut away the soiled padding and dispose of it.

Soak the sub floor, baseboard and tack strip if necessary with the solution. Use far more than you think you need.

Saturate the carpet from the backing all the way through to the top of the carpet. Do this with the carpet flipped over so that you can be sure to really soak the backing.

When the carpet and floor is dry you may want to soak it with the enzymes again.

Replace the padding with new pad.

Re-install the carpet.

At this point you may want to give the top of the carpet a third dose of the enzymes and then clean with a hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine or call a pro to come and steam clean it for you.

This should remove any urine problem you were having from that area of your carpet.