Carpet Flood Damage

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  Scroll down to see before and after pictures of how we repair carpet after a flood.

In this video I demonstrate how to install tack strip and carpet padding.


First we extract all possible water out of your carpet, then remove the padding and set up blowers. a day or two later we come back to replace the carpet and pad.

This video was shot on-site so you can hear the customer in the background on the telephone towards the end. 

Water damage can happen very quickly as in the case of a broken pipe or a flood from outside, The wet carpet can get moldy and smell bad.


Carpet water damage  

The carpet in this hallway was completely saturated. First we removed the carpet, then we replaced the padding and then left for a couple of days for the carpet to dry out. The carpet was left outside to dry on the back patio.

After the carpet was dry we brought it back into the house and used carpet seam tape to fix the carpet into place.

carpet flood  

Now the carpet is back in place and ready to be cleaned. Carpet repairs like this carpet repair are important. If the customer were to leave the carpet wet for too long it would have molded. Nobody likes moldy carpet.



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