Carpet Repair Tools

If you are the type who likes to fix things yourself, great. We have created a simple list of carpet repair tools and what they are good for so you can order what you need on Amazon and get ‘er done!

Carpet Cutters

Roberts Carpet Puller

Carpet Puller

Orcon Carpet Repair Kit

Crain Instant Repair Tool

Carpet Repair

PAM 220 WATT Adj.Temp Glue Gun

Glue Guns & Tips

 Roberts Power Lok Stretcher Value Kit

Roberts Junior Power Carpet Stretcher

Carpet Stretchers

PAM Glue Sticks 1lb bag

Seam Master Kool Sticks Seam Sealer (10PK)

Glue Sticks

Roberts GT XL Knee Kicker

Knee Kickers

Roberts Carpet Seam Roller

Seam Rollers

Seam Master KOOLGLIDE PRO Seaming Iron

Seaming Irons

Heritage Cutlery Duckbill Shears Double Loop

Heritage Cutlery 8


Duo-Fast Electric Tacker

Crain Pro Electric Stapler


Crain 4′ & 6′ Economy Staight Edge

Tool Kits & Boxes

Stretcher Accessories

Crain Deluxe Strip Cutter

Tack Strip Cutters

Tool Kits & Boxes

Roberts GT Carpet Wall Trimmer


Roberts One-Step Carpet Trimmer

Tucking/Stair Tools