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Pomona Carpet Repair

Would you like to save a lot of money by repairing your carpet...
(instead of spending a fortune replacing it?)

I'm Steve Gordon.
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Pomona carpet repair


Here in Pomona people call us because
we stand (or kneel in my case) behind everything we do with a

100% Unconditional Lifetime Labor Guarantee.

Pomona carpet repair

100% Unlimited Lifetime Labor Guarantee

Our Pomona carpet repair experts repair carpet of all types.

Do you need a contractor that shows up on time and takes pride
in his work?

When a landlord called to tell me that she rented to someone with a dog and that dog tried to dig his way out of a room, I knew exactly what she was talking about because we see this all the time. You may be able to see a bit of color difference in this patch because of the different amount of soiling of the older carpet, however, it looks way better now and she'll be able to rent this apartment out to the next family without changing her carpet first.

  Pomona carpet repair   Pomona carpet repair

We can help you make your home or office look much better if you need an Pomona carpet repair.

When it comes to Berber carpet repair, we know what to do. Notice that Alan took his shoes off for this job.

Can you see where the entertainment center was? Of course you can if you look at the difference in color due to the age of the older carpet. This carpet repair was done in several pieces. Good job Bare-Foot Alan!

  Pomona carpet repair   Pomona carpet repair

Bad Dog!

  Pomona carpet repair   Pomona carpet repair
Before Carpet stretching in Pomona
After Carpet Stretching in Pomona
  Pomona carpet stretch   Pomona carpet stretch
If you want to see waves, go look at the Pacific Ocean!
If you want to see a wave-free carpet, call us!
  Pomona carpet stretch   Pomona carpet stretch
When your carpet starts to ripple or wrinkle, it gets worse very quickly. The bigger the waves get, the faster they grow. Learn more about carpet stretching by following the link at the top of this page labeled (Carpet Stretching Pictures)

Do you want to learn about our awesome Pomona Carpet Repair guarantee?

100% Unlimited Unconditional Lifetime Labor Guarantee
(residential only)

(Bad Kitty)

Pomona carpet repair   Pomona Carpet Repair
If you have a carpet repair in Pomona that needs a professional, give us a call, we'll know what to do about it. In the picture above, a cat ripped this stair up pretty good. When the stair carpet repair was finished, you could barely see that anything had ever happened.
  Pomona carpet burn   Pomona carpet burn
When you give your kid a reptile with a cage, it comes with a heat lamp. This heat lamp is great for the reptile but not so great for your carpet.
We patch carpet in Pomona!

I'm Steve Gordon.
Call me now for Pomona Carpet Repair

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Would you like some more information about Pomona Carpet Repair before you explore the rest of the site and call me? If you're reading this, that means that you probably do....

Pomona Carpet repair comes down to just a few categories, Carpet stretching, patching, and seam repair. Everything else we do falls into one or more of these categories:

Carpet stretching: If you have wrinkles, lumps, waves, bulges, bunches and areas coming loose, I suggest that you go to the gym, see a doctor and get some exercise, however, If your carpet has wrinkles, lumps, waves, bulges, bunches or is coming loose, call us, we'll take care of it by re-stretching it.

Carpet patching: When you need a carpet patched in Pomona because you have a damaged carpet, we'll ask you to provide the carpet that will be necessary to finish the job. Many times people don't have the spare carpet to do the repair. If that's the case for you, we can steal some from your closet. If that's not okay with you, then you need to find the carpet at a carpet store. We don't go looking for carpet for you. That part is up to you.

Carpet - floor transitions: After new floor is installed, the last thing people do is the carpet to floor transition. Many wood floor contractors and tile contractors don't do this because it takes super-carpet-guy powers and tools. Give us a call for your carpet to floor transitions and we'll have it done in a jiffy!

Berber snag or pull or run: We see this problem nearly every day. The problem is that installers are supposed to seal the seams with a latex seam sealer before seaming them together. Most installers don't bother and then The Berber carpet comes apart at the ..... wait for it.... wait for it... you guessed it, it comes apart at the seams. It only takes one loose bit of yarn to start to (run) and before you know it, it's caught up in the vacuum and you have a real problem. When you have a Berber run, have it repaired right away, before it gets worse.

Carpet Seam Repair: Carpet seams are supposed to stay together until your carpet wears out. When seams fall apart it's because the installer didn't follow industry standards when he installed it. We get calls nearly every day to repair carpet seams and we can usually do it well enough that can't see that there was ever a problem in the first place.

Carpet Stair Repair: If the carpet on the stairs matches the carpet in the rest of the house, and the first few stairs are worn out or damaged, you don't have to replace your entire carpet. We can take some extra out of your closet and use it to replace the first couple of stairs.

If you want to replace the entire stairway we can do that too. We will remove the carpet from one bedroom and use it to replace the stairway, then you only need to buy enough carpet for one small bedroom rather than the entire home.

Commercial Carpet Repair: Commercial carpet has some unique problems. For one thing, commercial carpet has a low nap. Because of this low nap, the seams stand out. We often do commercial carpet repairs when an office remodels and removes a wall or two. This leaves a 9" gap that needs to be filled. It takes more carpet than you would think to fill this gap because we first need to cut it straight. By the time we do cut the carpet straight, it could be closer to 12 inches or so. If you can't find any extra carpet to do the repairs with, we can often take it from under filing cabinets or some other furniture that never moves. If you don't like that idea, then you need to go look for the carpet in a carpet store. If you can't find an exact match, it may look good to go with a completely different color. Then instead of looking like a bad patch, it looks like a creative choice you made.

Flood Damaged Carpet: In Pomona we know a something about floods. When it happens to your carpet and padding, it's no laughing matter. The problem is when the padding gets soaking wet. When the padding gets soaked, it takes forever to dry. When you call us to take care of your flooded carpet needs, we come out to your home, pull back the carpet, remove the padding, set up high power blowers, dry the carpet, replace the pad, re-install the carpet and then clean it for you if you'd like. The only thing you may need is a spa day and a nice cocktail.... you'll need to supply the that for yourself.

Our Jaw Dropping, 100%, Unconditional, Unlimited, Lifetime, Labor Guarantee

When you need Pomona Carpet Repair, you can count on us. If things don't work out and a patch comes up or a room needs to be re-stretched again (before your carpet wears out) we'll come back and re-due it again at no charge to you. Why am I so confident? Because we use plenty of glue and nails and other carpet stuff so that it will stay put for a very long time. (Residential only)


I'm looking forward to hearing from you

Steve Gordon



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