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~ Before you call to have a carpet patched, please read this page. ~

Follow the carpet repair links here or at the top of the page
to see more before and after pictures like the ones below.

Not only do I stand (or kneel) behind every job we do, but back it up with my
100% Unlimited, Unconditional Lifetime Labor Guarantee.

100% Unlimited, Unconditional Lifetime Labor Guarantee.

Below are a few examples of carpet patching.
For more before and after pictures, I have prepared several pages for you.
You can find them by clicking the links at the top of this page.
And by the way, I've created videos at the bottom of this page to
answer most of your questions about:

Below are some of the most common carpet repairs we do every day.
If any of these photos look familiar, we can fix your carpet, too!

Berber Patch   Berber Patch
After the Dog Destroyed The Carpet   After We Repaired The Carpet

Sometimes, a carpet patch you can see is a better choice than buying new carpet. In the example above, a dog was locked into a bedroom. The reason that the patched carpet looks brighter is because we took that carpet out of a closet so it looks brand new.

Whenever you patch a carpet with new, unworn or unfaded carpet, the patch will be obvious. In time, it will look better, but it will never completely match the older carpet. In the end, this Berber carpet repair saved our happy customer a LOT of money.

Below are more examples of carpet repair. The first four are carpet patching...

OMG! Bad Dog! What have you done?   After a good carpet patch.
If your dog tries to dig her way out...   Call us for your carpet repair
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~ Before you call to have a carpet patched, please read this page. ~

You can count on us to stretch your carpet, partch carpet, install carpet to tile transitions, repair Berber carpet runs and pulls, fix pet damaged carpet and all other types of carpet repairs.

Carpet Patch
  Carpet Patch
After What's His Name walked through the living room with his work boots on.   After our carpet repair technician went in with his slippers on and patched it.
Sometimes people call us to repair a carpet because of a stain that the carpet cleaner just couldn't remove.
In this example, the patch worked out well though it doesn't always turn out like this. The main reason that this carpet patch is so invisible is because the original carpet and donor carpet were both relatively new.

Carpet Stretch
  Carpet Stretch
Don't trip on that wrinkle!   Ah, now isn't that better?
When we see a carpet with a lump in it, we think, "The original carpet installer didn't use a proper power stretcher." If this carpet had been stretched properly in the first place, it wouldn't be loose and starting to wrinkle. In our stretching loose carpet section we show you how it's done.
After using the power stretcher, the wrinkle is gone. (Don't you wish we had a power stretcher for crows feet?)

By the way, we back up all of our work with a 100% unlimited, unconditional lifetime labor guarantee, so if that carpet ever ripples again, we'll fix it for free!

Carpet Patch
OK, who spilled what on the bedroom floor?   Yay, no more stain.
In this carpet patching example, the carpet cleaner couldn't get a truly disgusting stain out of the carpet that had soaked down into the padding. Our customer had extra carpet left over from the original installation so we were able to fix it right up.
The padding and the carpet was patched here. The original carpet and the donor carpet for the patch matched quite well so it looks great.

Carpet Repair
Before repair   After repair
One place that often needs help is the transition area between two rooms. In the example above, a little dog got herself locked into a room. After trying to dig her way out, this is what's it looked like. We patched the darker carpet and then seamed it to the lighter carpet after removing the door.
This is a perfect example of how a carpet repair can save your bacon if you're trying to get your security deposit back!

Carpet Transition
  Carpet Transition
How can we ever have the neighbors over?   Step One: Install the tack strip
Sometimes the edge of the carpet becomes threadbare and worn out. If we are going to fix this without installing a patch, we will need to stretch it. It's not always possible to stretch carpet enough to solve this problem.
When we stretch carpet more than a very small amount using the power stretcher, it puts a lot of stress on the tack strip which is the piece of wood you see above with tacks that hold the carpet in place.
Carpet Transitions
Step Two: Lay the carpet back down   OK, call the neighbors! Party's on!
Stretching a carpet doesn't happen in one small spot, no, we really do need to stretch across the entire room. The power stretcher butts up against the opposite wall and uses leverage that's far more powerful than simply using a knee kicker.
The handle of the power stretcher is just as long as the handle of the jack that I use to jack up my truck. That's how powerful it is.

If it's possible to fix a carpet by stretching rather than patching, it's a far better option.

Carpet Seam Repair
Wear and tear times 10!   Step One: Get complimentary color carpet
In this commercial environment, the seam deteriorated due to wear and cleaning. There's no way to match this carpet. Even though we had the exact same carpet, it was new and the old carpet was faded. It would have looked terrible.
Rather than installing an incredibly visible patch all the way across the room with new carpet mismatching the old carpet, we found a completely different color and made it look like a decorative strip.
Carpet Seam Repair
  Carpet Seam Repair
Step Two: Cut new carpet to fit   Creativity trumps wear and tear! Success!
Here we are sealing the seam. Often times when a seam doesn't last it's because it wasn't sealed properly to begin with.
Once the new, complimentary colored carpet is laid down and installed, this customer got nothing but rave reviews.
I'm Steve Gordon.
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Berber Carpet Repair
  Berber Carpet Repair
Berber Carpet Run Before   Berber Carpet Run Fixed
It's so disappointing when your new Berber carpet gets a run or a pull in it. This happened because a dog got his claw caught (poor pooch). We get calls for this type of Berber carpet repair quite often.
Yes, you can see the area that we repaired. This is because it's nearly impossible to patch a Berber carpet so that it's completely invisibly. This repair actually looks about as good as we can hope for.

Carpet Patch
Does your car have carpeting that has seen better days?   So much nicer to drive to gramma's house now, don't you think?
Here's an example of what we can do for the carpet in a car. If you find that you need the carpet in your car replaced or patched and you remove the seats and anything else in the way, we can perform the installation for you.
Our customer provided us with the carpet, removed the seats and we did the rest.

Carpet Patch By Fireplace
  Carpet Patch By Fireplace
Cat got your carpet?   Isn't this better than declaring Fluffy?
Short nap carpet can be tough to patch invisibly. In the carpet patching example above, of it was necessary due to pet damage.
You can't easily see the patch in this picture, however, you can see it in person. It's a LOT better than before.

Carpet Patch
  Carpet Patch
Did Bless His Heart try to fix his own carpet?   We're happy to make it all better again.
The carpet patching example above resulted when Mr. Homeowner tried to fix it himself, bless his heart. When Mrs. Homeowner came home, however, she called us to come do it over. In Mr. Homeowners defense, he couldn't possibly do this job correctly without the right tools no matter how handy he is.
Patching your own carpet takes skill and the right tools. While it's tempting to try to fix it yourself and save a few bucks, our experience has shown (from fixing a lot of 'do it yourself' patches) that it's just better to let us experts fix that carpet.

Stretch loose carpet
Carpet wrinkles make a room look so..well, not nice.   Carpet wrinkle gone! Ah...
If this carpet had been installed correctly with a power stretcher, this situation never would have occurred. If you have a problem with a loose carpet, call us and we'll get you fixed up right quick!
This job was simple, however, if the customer hadn't had it taken care of, the carpet would have continued to wrinkle and buckle and eventually would have been ruined. It's better to take care of the wrinkle now than replace the carpet later.

Carpet Patch at transition
Carpet transition needing a place to happen   All better.
This carpet to floor transition repair leading into a laundry room was necessary because the carpet was wearing out at the edge. It's common for this area to wear out many years before the rest of the carpet.
Rather than stretching or patching the carpet, the customer chose to have us install a rubber strip here. I think it was a great choice. Normally you find this option in commercial environments.

Big Berber Patch   Big Berber Patch
Remodeling makes carpet repair necessary   Now where did you move that bar?
This large carpet patch was necessary after our customer removed a bar from the corner of this room. Luckily there was plenty of extra carpet available.
Ta da! Nice Job, Alan!

patch carpet before   stretch carpet
Fido doesn't like being left alone!   You can forgive the dog now. He didn't know better. He just wants to be near you!
On the day I showed up to this house, the lady met me at the door crying. Not just little sobs either. She was in full-blown tears. I promised her that I could fix it and then suggested that she call a girlfriend to talk about while I worked.
If you look closely, you can see the line between the original carpet and the new patch. All things considered, it was a great success and the customer felt much better.

In the short videos below I explain what you need to know about:

• Pet Damaged Carpet
• Carpet Patching
• Carpet Stretching
• Carpet Seam Repair
• Carpet Stair Repair
• Berber Snags or Runs
• Carpet to Floor Transitions
• Commercial Carpet Repair
• Carpet Flood Damage

Carpet Stretching: Around half the jobs we do have something to do with carpet stretching. If you have carpet wrinkles, carpet bubbles, or ridges. These are all symptoms of a loose carpet. If the original carpet installer had used a power stretcher properly in the first place, you wouldn't be having this problem. When you call us to re-stretch your carpet we will use a power stretcher and then back up our work forever. Seriously, if at any time your carpet ever becomes loose again, we will come back at no charge to you and fix it. You have our word on it!

Carpet patching: When you need a carpet patched because you have a damaged carpet, we'll ask you to provide the carpet that will be necessary to finish the job.

Many times people don't have the spare carpet to do the carpet patch. If that's the case for you, we can steal some from your closet. If that's not okay with you, then you need to find the carpet at a carpet store. We don't go looking for carpet for you. That part is up to you.

Carpet - floor transitions: After new floor is installed, the last thing people do is t he carpet to floor transition. Many wood floor contractors and tile contractors don't do this because it takes super-carpet-guy powers and tools. Give us a call for your carpet to floor transitions and we'll have it done in a jiffy!

Berber snag or pull or run: We see this problem nearly every day. The problem is that installers are supposed to seal the seams with a latex seam sealer before seaming them together. Most installers don't bother and then the Berber carpet comes apart at the ..... wait for it.... wait for it... you guessed it, it comes apart at the seams. It only takes one loose bit of yarn to start to (run) and before you know it, it's caught up in the vacuum and you have a real problem.
When you have a Berber run, have it repaired right away, before it gets worse.

Carpet Seam Repair: Carpet seams are supposed to stay together until your carpet wears out. When seams fall apart it's because the installer didn't follow industry standards when he installed it.

We get calls nearly every day to repair carpet seams and we can usually do it well enough that can't see that there was ever a problem in the first place.

Carpet Stair Repair: If the carpet on the stairs matches the carpet in the rest of the house, and the first few stairs are worn out or damaged, you don't have to replace your entire carpet. We can take some extra out of your closet and use it to replace the first couple of stairs.

If you want to replace the entire stairway we can do that too. We will remove the carpet from one bedroom and use it to replace the stairway, then you only need to buy enough carpet for one small bedroom rather than the entire home

Commercial Carpet Repair
: Commercial carpet has some unique problems. For one thing, commercial carpet has a low nap. Because of this low nap, the seams stand out. We often do commercial carpet repairs when an office remodels and removes a wall or two. This leaves a 9" gap that needs to be filled. It takes more carpet than you would think to fill this gap because we first need to cut it straight. By the time we do cut the carpet straight, it could be closer to 12 inches or so. If you can't find any extra carpet to do the repairs with, we can often take it from under filing cabinets or some other furniture that never moves. If you don't like that idea, then you need to go look for the carpet in a carpet store. If you can't find an exact match, it may look good to go with a completely different color. Then instead of looking like a bad patch, it looks like a creative choice.

Sometimes commercial carpet gets ripples. We can fix that also. If the carpet is stretched in over padding then we'll need to re-stretch it, however if your commercial carpet is glued down, then we'll need to use a completely different method to fix it.

Flood Damaged Carpet:
We know about floods. When it happens to your carpet and padding, it's no laughing matter. The problem is that the padding gets soaking wet. When the padding gets soaked, it takes forever to dry. When you call us to take care of your flooded carpet needs, we come out to your home, pull back the carpet, remove the padding, set up high power blowers, dry the carpet, replace the pad, re-install the carpet and then clean it for you if you'd like. The only thing you may need is a spa day and a nice cocktail.... you'll need to supply that for yourself.

Pet Damaged Carpet: Very often we get called because someone locked their dog or cat in a room and the animal tried to dig it's way out. If this happed to you, we can help.

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