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Goose Creek Carpet Repair

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Below are some of the most common Goose Creek carpet repairs we do every day.
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Goose Creek Berber Patch

Goose Creek Carpet Patch

Goose Creek Carpet Stretch

Goose Creek Carpet Patch

Goose Creek Carpet Repair

Goose Creek Carpet Transition

Goose Creek Carpet Seam Repair 1Goose Creek Carpet Seam Repair 2

Goose Creek Berber Carpet Repair

Goose Creek Car Carpet Patch

Goose Creek Carpet Patch By Fireplace

Goose Creek Carpet Patch

Goose Creek Stretch Loose Carpet

Goose Creek Carpet Transition

Goose Creek Big Berber Patch

Goose Creek Pet Damaged Carpet

In the short videos below I explain what you need to know about:

• Pet Damaged
• Patching
• Stretching
• Seam Repair
• Carpet Stair Repair
• Berber Snags or Runs
• Carpet to Floor Transitions
• Commercial Repair
• Flood Damage

Goose Creek Carpet Stretching

Goose Creek Carpet Patching

Goose Creek Carpet Floor Trnasitions

Goose Creek Berber Snag or Pull or Run

Goose Creek Carpet Seam Repair

Goose Creek Carpet Stair Repair

Goose Creek Commercial Carpet Repair

Goose Creek Flood Damaged Carpet

Goose Creek Pet Damaged Carpet

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Goose Creek Carpet Repair – A Smart Way to Save Money

At Creative Carpet Repair, we believe that smart consumers like to save money. Just because you have a damaged area, like a stain or burn, doesn't mean you have to spend thousands of dollars to replace the entire thing. In fact, we can repair it using proven techniques in such a way that you will never notice there was a blemish to begin with.

If you've ever had that sinking feeling from discovering an ink stain, pet urine stain, or burn blemish, then you should give us a call and find out more about our Goose Creek carpet restoration techniques. If you have unseemly wrinkles suddenly appear, you might be surprised how well our Goose Creek carpet stretching process works. Best of all, our Goose Creek carpet stretching technique does not even require that your heaviest pieces of furniture be moved.

Have Questions? Give us a call in Goose Creek and get more information from our experts.

Understanding Goose Creek Carpet Restoration

Accidents happen. A person walks on your carpet with grease on their shoes. A dinner guest spills their wine. It gets damaged by a mischievous pet. Many of our customers are surprised when they find out that Goose Creek carpet restoration is possible - and downright shocked when they see the results.

Our proven Goose Creek carpet restoration solutions can restore:

  • Pet damage
  • Ink stains
  • Burns (like cigarette burns)
  • Urine Stains
  • And more...

Got Wrinkles? Our Goose Creek Carpet Stretching Process is Hassle-Free

If your carpet wasn't installed properly, wrinkles can develop over time. Not only are wrinkles an eyesore, they can even pose a safety risk if someone were to trip over them and fall. Many people make the mistake of simply thinking they can live with wrinkles, often because they don't want to deal with the hassle of moving their king sized bed or prized piano.

Our professional Goose Creek carpet stretching technicians will get rid of all your wrinkles without ever moving those heavy pieces of furniture that would be a chore to lift. While it's always best to move furniture before stretching, it's not the only way to get a favorable end result. When it's not reasonable to move a piece of furniture, we will work around the object to get the job done.

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  • Goose Creek Carpet Restoration
  • Goose Creek Carpet Stretching

Goose Creek Tidbits

Today, the city of Goose Creek is home to nearly 36,000 people. As part of the Charleston-Summerville metropolitan area and Berkeley County it is a fairly new city; however, this does not make its history any less rich. While the history of the city we know today as Goose Creek extends to the early 1960s, the history of the land dates back much further.

The native peoples who lived in this area remain a mystery to us today. A number of tribes settled here before the British settlers ever arrived in the US. We do know that the Etiwan and Sewee tribes were among the groups that made a partial home here.
Unfortunately, members of these native groups began to disappear quickly when colonists arrived. Before this, they spent time showing the settlers how to cook and speak the local languages.

Many of the first people to come to the Goose Creek area to settle were actually from Barbados, not Britain. Different groups had different ideas about how they wanted to settle the area. Some wanted to create large settlements while others were content to make a quiet home here. Unfortunately, these earliest groups often suffered from disease, injury and even starvation.

Long before 1961 when the city was initially founded, a group of colonists settled in South Carolina. They were known as the Goose Creek men because they had taken shelter near a stream of the same name. When this group of men realized that they could trade natives as slaves, they became leaders in the industry.

The origin of the name Goose Creek is somewhat of a mystery. Some say that the creek was named after its gooseneck turns, and others say the creek simply attracted a large number of geese. We do know that this name has stuck from the 1600s.
The group of Goose Creek men eventually worked their way into the government established by colonists. They continued to trade natives, but soon they were also establishing deals with deerskin.

By 1715, native tribes were angry with those who were settled at Goose Creek. They saw that their people were being traded and abused. The Yemassee tribe in particular had set up plans to destroy the habitat. A short war erupted during which about 400 people were killed. Angry that their proprietors did nothing to help them, the colonists turned to the British government in the hopes that they would take on the colony as one of their own. England chose to do exactly that.

Soon after they received Royal recognition, the settlers chose to start their own plantations, many of which relied on slavery for production. The plantation owners farmed rice and indigo. By 1790, black slaves outnumber the white residents at a ratio of 5:1. For plantation owners this meant two things. First, they would produce a surplus of product. Second, the people they held as slaves could easily rebel against them.

Many things changed in Goose Creek at the time of the Revolutionary War. The economy wasn’t what it used to be, and living in the swamp was no longer desirable with so many other options available.

Years later, the Civil War had a similar impact. The plantation system broke down, and the economy was busted. Within years, many of these former plantations were simply abandoned, broken homes.

The military came into Goose Creek around the time of World War II. This brought in new residents, and the population was increasing once again. By 1961 it was deemed its own town, and it was also soon known as one of America’s fastest growing regions. Unfortunately, this growth meant that the town needed to improve its sanitation system and roads.

Today the American military has quite a presence in Goose Creek. In this city you will find the Naval Nuclear Power School and the Naval Weapons Station Charleston. At one time, the city was used to house submarines, but they were moved in the 90s.
Several notable people have lived in Goose Creek over the years, mainly athletes. These include offensive lineman Brandon Shell and Major League Baseball players Justin Smoak and Matt Wieters.
Today, Goose Creek prides itself in its ability to provide the small town atmosphere commonly associated with the past. On the other hand, this does not mean the town has not come a long way. Growth like this is not commonly anticipated, especially in rural areas like this one.

Big growth has consumed this small town, but it is also a haven for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of South Carolina’s bigger cities. Goose Creek is a beautiful town situated along a river that once attracted settlers from around the world. Today, it is just a small blip on the map with a deep and widely unknown history.

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